UVA Finance Board Votes to Increase Tuition

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UVA's Board of Visitors UVA's Board of Visitors
UVA President Teresa Sullivan (File) UVA President Teresa Sullivan (File)

Students at the University of Virginia may be hit with a higher price tag on tuition payments starting next school year. Thursday, December 7, the university's finance board voted in favor of a tuition increase. 

This increase comes as part of the multi-year financial plan developed by UVA in 2015. The UVA Board of Visitors are expected to vote on the finance board's recommendations on Friday, December 8.

The plan calls for current undergraduate in-state students to see a rise of more than $300, while current out-of-state students would be required to pay about $1,500 extra.

Incoming undergraduate in-state and out-of-state students could see a rise of around $400 and $1,700 respectively.

Students entering specialty programs like the McIntire School of Commerce could see an increase of nearly $3,000.

Board member Maurice Jones raised concerns about higher costs limiting UVA's diversity, but others in attendance highlighted the school's financial aid policies.

"We've made a singular effort over the last two years to go to high schools and meet with counselors and make sure our Virginia advising is up to date and that students in Virginia understand that there is a generous financial aid package available to you," says UVA President Teresa Sullivan.

Graduate school tuition is decided upon by each individual school.

Editor's Note: A previous version incorrectly stated that the decision was made by the UVA Board of Visitors Thursday, December 7.  

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