Albemarle County Approves Near-Use Plans for Former Elementary School

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For now, the new space left by Yancey Elementary School in Albemarle County won’t cost anyone using it money.

After months of discussion, Wednesday, the Albemarle County Board of Supervisors approved some near-use plans for the former elementary school.

Some of the uses in the space will be for an internet cafe, a community exercise class, and a place for a Girl Scout troop to meet. The Jefferson Board of Aging is also planning on adding a fellowship program. And a police activity league will be formed where officers will mentor kids.

Officers will also use the space while working.

“The police officers will allow their officers to use office space in Yancey when they are working in the southern part of the county. It's a place for them to use a telephone and access to the internet which is spotty down in southern Albemarle,” Emily Kilrov, community engagement coordinator said.

Keeping the school property open to community programs will cost around $5,600. Supervisors are choosing to cover that cost with money from the Facilities and Environmental Services Department.

This is just a near-term use for the space inside Yancey Elementary School until the end of this fiscal year, which ends on June 30, 2018. The board will then come back to discuss a more long-term plan for Yancey.

Other ideas include offering classes through PVCC, GED classes and possibly a commercial driving course for the community.

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