Sen. Kaine Criticizes Proposed Tax Bill, Asks for Bipartisan Reform

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Kaine speaking on tax reform Kaine speaking on tax reform

Sen. Tim Kaine (D-VA) is hoping he can change Senate minds when it comes to the proposed tax reform. He claims the plan would only help big corporations and hurt small businesses.

The Democrat held a conference call Wednesday to talk about his concerns with the plan. He is hoping bipartisan negations can happen to create reform that helps those, who he believes, need it most.

The last tax reform happened back in 1986. This time around it includes almost doubling the amount of the standard deduction, meaning the cost will go drastically up for both people who are single and married. The latest version of the bill also includes a repeal of individual mandates for Obamacare.

Kaine is worried the legislation is being rushed and it may hurt people if it is approved with too many flaws.

"What is the rush on this? Yesterday 17 democrats, we all stood up on the floor at a press conference together and said we all have a track record on working on tax reform in a bipartisan way. We've got good relations with our colleagues. We want to work with you to make this tax bill worthy of the Senate,” Kaine said.

He went on to say if the reform is only going to happen every 20 to 30 years, it needs to be done well.

Kaine believes the plan will hit Virginia harder than most states. That’s because the biggest deduction that would be eliminated is the one for state and local taxes, which primarily helps middle class families.