Rekindled Flames Burn More Condos at Wintergreen

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A second day of fire sent Wintergreen crews scrambling, and caused more devastation. A 12-unit condominium complex first caught fire Monday night and the blaze burned six units.

The flames rekindled early Wednesday morning, and now all 12 units are gone.

After fire damaged first six condos in the building, crews said the building was salvageable. Now, after overnight wind gusts rekindled the fire, the building is just an ash heap.

Wintergreen Fire responded to the original fire Monday evening and had it extinguished by midnight. Crews continued to monitor the scene all day Tuesday.

At around 4 a.m. Wednesday the fire department was called back to the condo to fight a second blaze that it says started as a re-kindling of the original fire. This time, the 12-unit condo building burned to the ground.

“We were up here yesterday several times checking for hot spots using thermal imaging doing what we would normally do, last night we had a significant wind event up here 33 mph sustained unsure exactly what happened but at the end of the day it was on fire again,” Chief Curtis Sheets of Wintergreen Fire said.

This time, fire crews will monitor the scene, hoping no more flames pop up and spread to any other nearby buildings.

Wednesday crews were checking the mulch and removing trees around the condo looking for hotspots that could cause the fire to spread further.

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