Charlottesville City Schools Request Community's Input to Address Overcapacity

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Charlottesville schools are growing at 3% annually Charlottesville schools are growing at 3% annually
The schools have exceeded their functional capacity The schools have exceeded their functional capacity

Charlottesville City Schools are trying to prepare for the future.

Right now, every school is at functional capacity and growth is anticipated in the years to come.

The schools are growing at 3 percent every year.

Parents got an opportunity to provide their input on Tuesday, November 28. The school board is asking parents and others in the community to weigh in on what it should do as more students continue to enroll.

"It's really important to us to see what's going on in terms of the possibility of a new school, the possibility of rezoning, the possibility of more teachers, and what's in it for our family, as well as the entire Charlottesville community," says Laura Santiago, a parent.

Tuesday night’s forum is the second Future Facilities Community Meeting.

The school board is particularly interested in what to do with preschool through eighth grade classes.

Options include moving fifth grade back into elementary schools or moving pre-K students into one centralized location.

That's something Charlottesville schools have done in the past.

“Our schools have exceeded functional capacity which is sort of their ideal capacity and they're moving toward their true limits so we need to make some steps,” says Beth Cheuk of Charlottesville City Schools. “One that we are recommending is to create a centralized preschool, so we can have specialized services for preschoolers and that alone would create some capacity at the elementary schools.”

The school board could also increase elementary schools’ capacity either by building another school or expanding three of the six current elementary schools.

The Future Facilities Community Meeting starts at Buford Middle School at 7 p.m.

If you cannot attend, you can still submit questions by email and by phone at 434-245-2962 during the discussion. You can also follow along via its livestream.