Blue Ridge Area Food Bank Hopes to Raise Extra Funds During 'Giving Tuesday'

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Blue Ridge Area Food Bank Blue Ridge Area Food Bank
Joseph Caputi Joseph Caputi
Abena Foreman-Trice Abena Foreman-Trice
Blue Ridge Area Food Bank Blue Ridge Area Food Bank

A national campaign aimed at celebrating generosity is making its way to Charlottesville.

The Blue Ridge Area Food Bank (BRAFB) is setting a goal to raise enough money on Tuesday, November 28, to provide 120,000 meals to those in need.

"At this time of year especially, it seems that just more people are in greater need,” said BRAFB Branch Manager Joseph Caputi. "People are in need of heat. They have to make a choice: paying their electric bill, their gas bill, they have prescription drugs that they need to purchase, and as I said, food ends up not being a high priority."

"People who by all accounts have done things right, have followed the rules, can often find themselves in an unexpected circumstance that can change everything," BRAFB Director of Communications Abena Foreman-Trice said.

BRAFB is taking part in the 24-hour campaign Giving Tuesday, offering people another way to give back after a weekend of shopping and splurging.

"Caring neighbors and donors really respond to the idea that there might be families out there who don't get to enjoy this time of year, because they don't have enough food to eat." Foreman-Trice said.

A group has already pledge to match a total donation of $5,000 during Tuesday’s event.

In light of the holiday spirit, the food bank is also seeing an increase in donations from people in the Charlottesville community.

"It's also a wonderful time to just get people to think charitably about those who are less fortunate, at a time of year that focuses on abundance," said Foreman-Trice.

The Blue Ridge Area Food Bank serves an average of 23,000 people in the greater Albemarle County area each month.

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