Charlottesville Community Reacts to UVA White Student Union Facebook Group

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White Student Union Facebook group White Student Union Facebook group
Community activist Don Gathers Community activist Don Gathers

Some people in Charlottesville are coming forward upset about a Facebook group claiming to be a new White Student Union at the University of Virginia.

It says the group is inspired by the desecration of European-American monuments and wants to "provide a safe space for white students to air their true feelings.”

A community activist says the page is hateful and will not lead students in a good direction.

"Unless we can figure out a way to come together and to stop it and to beat it back, I'm concerned as to where we might end up as a city and as a society,” says community activist Don Gathers.

The Facebook group denied a chance to comment, saying it’s not speaking with the media.

A university spokesman says this is not a registered student organization and is likely created by someone who's not attending UVA.