Albemarle Police Respond to Recent Breaking and Entering Incidents

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Cooper says a window was smashed to gain entry Cooper says a window was smashed to gain entry
The break-in happened sometime overnight Nov. 22 The break-in happened sometime overnight Nov. 22
Police are investigating a string of break-ins Police are investigating a string of break-ins

An Albemarle County neighborhood is the target of at least four burglaries that occurred over the Thanksgiving holiday.

Families say they never would have expected something like this to happen in a place where everyone looks out for one another.

This string of break-ins is occurring in the Mill Creek neighborhood. That's along Avon Street Extended across from Cale Elementary School.

Stacy Cooper rents out her home in the Mill Creek neighborhood. On Thanksgiving morning she awoke to news that her former home, where she raised her children, had been broken into with the burglar leaving behind blood stains in almost every room.

Cooper says the doors were locked, lights were on, and a dog was home during the time of the break-in.

Whoever committed the act threw a rock through the side window to gain entry and ransacked the entire house.

A pet sitter came by the next morning to find blood throughout the home, drawers opened, and expensive items missing.

The break-in happened sometime between 10 p.m. Wednesday, November 22, and 2 a.m. Thursday.

Upon hearing the news, Cooper reached out to her Homeowners Facebook group and found that other homes in the neighborhood had also been broken into.

“That's probably the worst part of it,” says Cooper. “The doors were locked and they came in through the window. There was a dog at home. It was almost as if they didn't care who was home or how they were gonna get in - they just broke on through."

Another neighbor whose home was burglarized says one of the items stolen from them was a gun.

Albemarle County police say they have confirmed four burglaries in the Mill Creek area, all reported in the past two days.

Police are offering to conduct house checks while you're away from your home. You can contact the police at 434-296-5808 for more information.

Albemarle County Police Department Press Release:

The Albemarle County Police Department has responded to some recent breaking and entering incidents in the Mill Creek area of Albemarle County. The incidents have occurred both during the daylight and overnight hours.

The Albemarle County Police Department would like residents to have a pro-active approach to prevent such incidents. Please make sure your houses and vehicles are secured and let a trusted neighbor or family member know if you will be away for an extended amount of time.

If you have been away for a few days please check around your residence, if possible, for any signs of forced entry before you enter.

Please contact 911 if you see any suspicious person or activity so we can respond as soon as possible. If anyone has information regarding these incidents please call Crimestoppers at 434-977-4000.

If you would like a House Check while you are absent from your residence please contact ACPD at 434-296-5808.

If you would like more information on how to safeguard your residence please contact Officer Joe George or Officer Steve McCall at 434-296-5808.