Former Student Accuses UVA Professor of Sexual Harassment

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A University of Virginia graduate has filed a sexual harassment complaint against a professor.

The student filed the report earlier this month and says she was not the only student to experience it.

The master of fine arts graduate filed the complaint with the Title IX office at UVA, then shared it on Twitter, where it has started a conversation with other female students.

Emma Eisenberg claims professor John Casey gave preferential treatment to male students and touched her and other female students inappropriately at school functions. It allegedly happened between 2012 and 2014.

Days later, she says another female student filed a complaint dating between 2009 and 2012. In that second complaint, the alleged victim says the professor made inappropriate comments about her clothing and looks.

In a statement to NBC29, Eisenberg explained why she felt the need to do this now:

It had always bugged me, in my gut I knew there was something wrong about those experiences, but it was so openly talked about within the program that I figured I was over-reacting. Seeing this recent flood of women coming forward confirmed what I had always known-his behavior was problematic and inappropriate.

She went on to say:

It is appropriate for professor Casey to be held accountable for his actions, but exactly how is up to the university. I hope that the result of this complaint is only that he is no longer actively teaching students.

Eisenberg has received a notice of investigation about the allege incidents from the university. At this point, it is unclear how long the investigation might take.