Shoppers Making Last Minute Trips to Grocery Store for Thanksgiving Meal

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Wegmans' shoppers in Charlottesville Wegmans' shoppers in Charlottesville
Jay Levine Jay Levine
Wegmans in Charlottesville Wegmans in Charlottesville

Some of Charlottesville's grocery stores were packed with people making last minute holiday trips for their Thanksgiving meals.

Dozens of people were spotted at Wegmans early Thursday, November 23, picking up side dishes, deserts, drinks, and more.

Shoppers said the lines were not as bad as expected. A few people said they sometimes need to make multiple trips to the grocery store to prepare the perfect holiday dinner.

"Some lemonade for the grandchildren, onions, ginger ale, sorbet, we're having sorbet tonight. So last minute things and some ice. We're all set now. We've only been shopping for the last three weeks and 82 trips, something like that, but we've got it all finally," said Jay Levine.

Most of the grocery stores in the area were closed by 2 p.m., but some scheduled to have their doors open until 5 p.m.