30-Foot Spruce Chosen for Charlottesville's Grand Illumination Tree

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This year's Grand Illumination Tree This year's Grand Illumination Tree
Dwayne Ferguson, who donated the tree Dwayne Ferguson, who donated the tree

Charlottesville has picked its tree for the Grand Illumination and Christmas celebrations on the Downtown Mall.

This year marks the 20th anniversary of the holiday tradition.

City crews spent the morning removing the 30-foot spruce from a home along Sheridan Avenue in Charlottesville's Locust Grove neighborhood.

Crews will transport the tree to the Downtown Mall for Wednesday's installation at Central Place.

The man who donated the tree says it's a win-win situation.

“The last couple years I decided I wanted to get rid of it because it's taking up the whole yard, and so I talked to Diane and Chris and they told me about it,” says Dwayne Ferguson, the tree's donator. “Then I saw on Facebook that y’all was looking for a tree so it worked out perfect.”

The tree was originally planted about 18 years ago to be a Christmas tree for the former owners of the home.