Vietnam War Encampment Reenacted to Honor Veterans

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Vietnam War reenactment Vietnam War reenactment
A Huey and a Jeep A Huey and a Jeep
The Vietnam War Foundation The Vietnam War Foundation

The Vietnam War Foundation in Ruckersville is honoring service members this Veterans Day weekend by recreating a Vietnam-era encampment.

Groups from Kentucky, Tennessee, and Virginia came together to relive what it was like to serve during the Vietnam War.

Reenactors wore Vietnam-era fatigues, slept in tents, and helped educate the community about the war.

“We are the largest hands-on museum in the nation as far as Vietnam equipment goes, and by hands-on I mean you can get into the Hueys, you can get into the aircraft, you can get into the Jeeps,” says William Fields of the Vietnam War Foundation.

The Vietnam War Foundation is a nonprofit that only opens three times a year - during Memorial Day, the Fourth of July, and Veterans Day.