Help Save the Next Girl Aims to Bring Attention to Recent Abductions

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A group is urging a call to action for the recent attempted abductions in Charlottesville.

Organizers with Help Save the Next Girl set up on the Downtown Mall on Sunday, November 12, to raise awareness about abductions.

Trina Murphy, the aunt of Alexis Murphy, who was abducted and murdered, was there to spread the message.

“There have been two attempted abductions in Charlottesville in the last month, and we just felt like with the change in season, and it's getting darker earlier, people are distracted by the holidays and shopping,” says Murphy. “This is a very good time for predators to take advantage of all of that we just wanted to kind of raise awareness about that.”

Organizers say the goal of the group is to keep awareness at the forefront and talk to people about the importance of safety.