Albemarle County School Board Discusses Raising Teacher Wages Soon

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Albemarle County School Board meeting Albemarle County School Board meeting

Teachers in Albemarle County could be getting a raise.

Thursday, the Albemarle County School Board was set to discuss teacher compensating, but fire alarms in the Albemarle County Office Building cut the meeting short.

The School Board hired a firm last spring to evaluate teacher's pay. It found that the county's salary scale for teachers is not consistent and actually fell behind other school divisions in central Virginia.

The firm is now suggesting that the county abandon its current scale for judging teachers’ salaries and adopt a two-anchor point scale--one at the beginning of a teacher's career and another at the 30 year mark. The county currently uses four-anchor point scale at ten year intervals.

In addition, the firm says the board should approve a standard two percent pay increase along this new scale. The firm believes this transition would make salaries and raises more transparent.

"When the board says they would increase compensation by 2 percent, in the past, some employees might get a 1.4 percent increase because they are in a place that's very competitive on the scale. Others might get more than 2 percent because they're not very competitive. Now, everyone can saying i'm getting 2 percent, i know i'm going to get that amount,” Matt Haas, ACPS deputy superintendent, said.

The adjustment to the new scale in combination with the two percent increase is expected to cost three million dollars.

The firm also recommended the school board judge salaries based on a smaller competitive market but in a work session Wednesday, the board was not in favor of that idea.

The board is set to meet the first week of December to further discuss these plans.

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