VDOT Meets to Discuss Plans for Route 29, Hydraulic Intersection

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at VDOT meeting at VDOT meeting

Virginia Department of Transportation is working on next steps for the Route 29--Hydraulic Road intersection. And it's applying what they learned from its revamp at Rio Road.

Thursday, VDOT met with their two Route 29 panels to say goodbye to one project and hello to another. Crews say they want to use the same methods and tools for the Hydraulic Road construction as they did for Rio.

VDOT says the new intersection at Rio Road has seen some major benefits. Traffic accidents are down by 50 percent, and travel times are up by one to two minutes.

Thursday, both the Route 29 Solutions Project Delivery Panel and the Hydraulic Planning group met to talk about lessons learned and how they can apply it to the Hydraulic Road intersection they've been studying.

"It has been an important enough process, and VDOT has found it to be valuable to the point that we are adopting this as the preferred method for the development and delivery of large projects across Virginia,” Lou Hatter of VDOT said.

Right now, VDOT is still figuring out its options for the Hydraulic intersection, but it is considering having Hydraulic Road run underneath Route 29, and putting in additional connections with the parallel road, Hillsdale Drive.

Over the next 18 months, members on the Hydraulic Planning Advisory Panel will development the land use and transportation improvement plans.