Virginia Tax Amnesty ends Nov. 14

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Dominion Media News Release:

There are only a few days left for taxpayers to clear up tax debt through the state’s tax amnesty program which ends at midnight on Tuesday, Nov. 14. 

At the end of the amnesty period, the state will assess an additional 20% penalty on any remaining amnesty-qualified liabilities.

Who is eligible

  • Most individuals, corporations, estates, trusts and partnerships can take care of Virginia tax debt by paying just the taxes they owe and half the interest (no penalties).
  • If taxpayers can’t pay all the taxes they owe, they can still participate in the amnesty program by paying on a bill-by-bill basis.
  • If taxpayers didn't get a bill from Virginia Tax and owe back taxes, they may still be eligible for tax amnesty. They can call 1.877.PAY.VTAX (1.877.729.8829) for assistance.

How to file and pay

  • Taxpayers can make payments online, by phone and by mail.
  • They can file returns online and by mail.

As the Nov. 14 deadline approaches, taxpayers are encouraged to file and pay online so they don’t miss out on this money-saving opportunity.

For more information, call 1.877.PAY.VTAX (1.877.729.8829):

  • 8:30 am to 8 pm, now through Nov. 13
  • 8:30 am to midnight on Nov. 14, the final day of amnesty

Although Nov. 10 is a state holiday, amnesty phone lines will be open.

Tax amnesty details are available at http://www.tax.virginia.gov/amnesty