Highland Beekeeper Discusses Bees' Importance

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Paul Legrand, Highland beekeeper Paul Legrand, Highland beekeeper
Planting flowers can help keep bees alive Planting flowers can help keep bees alive
Let's Bee Friends Let's Bee Friends

James Monroe's Highland was buzzing on Sunday, November 5, as beekeepers taught about their little insect friends.

The Let’s Bee Friends event aimed to educate visitors on the importance of bees and their impact on the environment.

Beekeepers spoke about the recent decrease in the bee population in Virginia and ways people can help to stop them from declining further.

“This state in particular lost 44 percent of their hives last year,” says Paul Legrand, the Highland beekeeper. “Now that was over the winter and over the summer combined, but that's a lot to make up every year just to get back to square one.”

Legrand instructed visitors to plant flowers outside their houses as a simple way to help the honeybee population.

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