Mitchell Hash Foundation Aims to Inform Public on Veterans' Mental Health Needs

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Cynthia Hash held a talk at JMRL on Nov. 5 Cynthia Hash held a talk at JMRL on Nov. 5
Suicide Signs Suicide Signs

A Charlottesville woman who lost her son to suicide is taking action by spreading awareness of the issue to the community.

The Mitchell Hash Foundation held a talk at Jefferson-Madison Regional Library on Sunday, November 5, about veterans and mental health needs.

The foundation helps those struggling with thoughts of suicide and brings awareness of this issue to the public.

The mission of the foundation is to change the stigma and erase the shame of mental health.

Cynthia Hash founded it in honor of her son, whom she lost to suicide.

“I think coming out of the military, there should be a reboot or a reverse boot camp that is required for the same amount of time that you were in the boot camp to begin with,” says Hash.

Hash believes this should be a requirement along with one-on-one interviews to make sure those in the military are not suffering with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.

You can visit the Mitchell Hash Foundation Facebook page to find out more information and how to seek resources to prevent suicide.