Musician Visits IX Art Park to Bring Community Together Through Music

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Stephen Said at IX Art Park Stephen Said at IX Art Park
A group listens to music at IX Art Park A group listens to music at IX Art Park

A musician and human rights activist is working with the Charlottesville community to bring everyone together across political and racial lines.

Virginia native Stephen Said visited IX Art Park today to create a music video and mini series titled “We the People.”

It will focus on equality, diversity, acceptance, and opportunities for all.

Said was joined by local groups and students from Charlottesville High School.

“My hope is that message of coming together, that true leadership spirit that brings us together around what we can do to make things better wherever they are can spread from this outward and across the country and then hopefully the world and help us rise to this great occasion that we're facing,” says Said.

Said says the song was written before the events in Charlottesville took place this summer.

He describes the song as a modern age "We Shall Overcome.”