Attorney Jeff Fogel Files Lawsuit Against City of Charlottesville

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A group of people is taking the city of Charlottesville to court over the independent reviewer hired in the wake of August 12.

Attorney Jeff Fogel filed the complaint in circuit court on November 2.

He represents five people who say the contract with Hunton & Williams LLP is void.

Tim Heaphy is leading the review.

The complaint says Heaphy reached out on August 13, urging a review and suggested the company he works for does it.

"We all know that the police department knows what happened.  Now the question all along is why don't they tell us?  Why does it have to be told to us through Mr. Heaphy.  Mr. Heaphy has no original information.  He only has what's been given to him," said Fogel. 

Fogel says city code allows only the city attorney to hire outside legal counsel. He says the city manager, Maurice Jones, hired Hunton & Williams LLP.

They're also challenging the $545 per hour rate reviewers are getting paid.

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