Candidate for Albemarle County Supervisor Shares Plans for Surplus Budget Funds

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A candidate for Albemarle County Supervisor is sharing plans for the county's million dollar surplus.

John Lowry held a news conference in front of the county office building on November 2.

Lowry wants to use the $14.2 million surplus as rainy day funds for the unexpected.

He says the surplus could be carried over in capital improvement projects or to pay down debt.

Lowry also says he wants to reduce county taxes.

"People pay their taxes and the taxes, it's a real estate tax, and those taxes go into the county and it's supposed to be even, where the expenses equal to revenues. But, what’s happened is taxes have been raised so much, they can't spent it fast enough, and you wonder why people have to pay such big tax bills when they didn't have to really at all,” said Lowry. 

Lowry is challenging incumbent Liz Palmer for the Samuel Miller district.