Albemarle Discusses Top Legislation Priorities for 2018

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The Albemarle County Board of Supervisors is discussing its top legislative priorities for the 2018 general assembly.

The board of supervisors says it will continue to support increases in state funding for local and regional transportation needs, including the revenue sharing program.

The board says state funding for transportation is drying up and by fiscal year nineteen capital spending for transportation could be gone completely. 

County supervisor Diantha McKeel says the state funding supports capital investment in busses, bus shelters, and bus stops. 

According to the board, if the state gets rid of its funding for transit, that could have a three hundred thousand dollar impact on Albemarle County and its tax payers.

"Without that money, obviously Albemarle County taxpayers, if we're going to continue with our transit program, they are going to have to supplement the money that the state's not providing,” said Diantha McKeel, Board of Supervisors. 

The county also remains opposed to attempts to transfer the responsibility of construction, and maintenance of current or secondary roads to localities.

The county says it also plans to seek increases in state funding for affordable housing and public safety.