Chief Deputy Chan Bryant Warns Albemarle Residents of Phone Scam

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If you are getting a phone call from someone claiming to be from the Albemarle County Sheriff's Office, it may be a fraud.

A scam is making its way around the county and is costing victims thousands of dollars.

In the scam call a man pretends to be Albemarle Chief Deputy Chan Bryant, who is a woman.

The scammer claims the victim missed jury duty and has to pay more than a thousand dollars in order to avoid going to jail.

According to the sheriff’s office, tips about the scam phone calls started coming in over the weekend.

The scammer is making the calls late in the evening and over the weekend, when the sheriff’s department is closed.

Deputy Chan Bryant says the male caller is not her and to never send any money if you are unsure of the caller.

"Please call the sheriff’s office and verify who you think you're talking to or stop by our office. This man is getting irate towards the end of the phone call because he's not getting what he wants. Don't take him serious, hang up the phone and don't answer the call again,” said Bryant.

Chief Deputy Bryant says she knows of one victim over the weekend that lost $1,500 through the scam