City Council Members, City Manager Meet for Briefing on Aug. 12 Events

Posted: Updated: Nov 13, 2017 04:41 PM
City Manager Maurice Jones (FILE IMAGE) City Manager Maurice Jones (FILE IMAGE)
Charlottesville City Hall Charlottesville City Hall
City Councilor Bob Fenwick City Councilor Bob Fenwick

On Monday, October 30, some city councilors met behind closed doors with City Manager Maurice Jones to discuss the city and state's recounts of the Unite the Right rally.

This all comes after last week’s preliminary action report that blamed the city for the events that took place on August 12.

The meetings were designed to exchange information between the state and the city about what occurred in Charlottesville on August 12, and discuss what, if any, more information will be released to the public.

Each councilor, with the exception of one, met in small groups with Jones and City Attorney Craig Brown throughout the day at City Hall.

Jones says that he talked to Vice Mayor Wes Bellamy by phone since he did not attend the meetings in City Hall.

Bob Fenwick is the only councilor that's willing to talk about the meetings.

He explains that the state, city, and police are collaborating to make sure that the information released is accurate.

The biggest concern is security.

The city doesn't want to release anything that could potentially bring the threat of white supremacists back to Charlottesville.

A preliminary action report given to the Governor's Civil Unrest Task Force on Thursday, October 26, says city leaders didn't take recommendations ahead of the rally, and they had an inadequate permit process.

“The next steps would be to encourage the community to continue to give us information, whether it's eye witness accounts or video that would make the review more accurate,” says Fenwick. “We have to put aside these differences we have and arrive at a true reconstruction of what happened.”

City Manager Maurice Jones refused to comment on the meetings, and City Councilor Kristin Szakos says the groups are just trying to sort out what happened to give the public a more clear explanation.

NBC29 reached out to Councilor Kathy Galvin and Mayor Mike Signer but did not hear back.

When asked why Wes Bellamy didn't take part in the meetings on Monday, the city's spokeswoman deferred the question to Bellamy who says he has nothing to say in regard to the meetings.