Waynesboro Applies for Grants to Improve East Entrance of City

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Waynesboro is taking steps to make the east end more attractive.

The city is applying for the Transportation Alternatives Grant.

Priorities include getting a median with crosswalk and a visual marker at the entrance into Waynesboro, near the Old Bradley’s Market, as well as streetscape improvements near the river and the curve by the metal crafters building.

"This is a critical corridor for the city in that it's the first thing that you see coming off the mountain, coming from east toward Charlottesville and Richmond. It's also important as a commercial corridor for the neighborhood here.  This is the main commercial thoroughfare for the eastside of the city,” said Luke Juday, Waynesboro planning director. 

The grant is federal money administered by VDOT and would require a 20 percent match from the city.