Consultants Say Downtown Staunton Needs to Remedy Parking Issues

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Consultants say Downtown Staunton has some issues with parking.

Walker Consultants presented a parking draft study at city hall on October 13.

According to the study, the parking garages are well placed but need new technology for control and access.
Additionally, it appears that on-street spaces are being abused by long term parkers.

They're proposing meters on core streets, including Beverley.

"The on street spaces are free but the off street parking spaces have a fee and that's also a disadvantage.  Why should I park a block away from where i want to go and pay seventy-five cents when i can try to park for free right on the street?" Michael Connor, Walker Parking Consultants.

"I would personally rather go visit a town that had metered parking than a sort of free for all situation where it's not guaranteed that you'd find a spot or it would be very easy to break the rules cause they're hard to discern," said Nick Blanton, Split Banana owner. 

Residents can still weigh in on parking.

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