Donut delivery company enlists creep clown

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Hurts Donut Company, a popular regional chain, is offering a scary clown delivery service ahead of Halloween. 

It's like a scene out of a horror movie. 

A dozen doughnuts from the shop is $15, and then the special clown delivery is just $10 — a small price to pay, we guess, if you have a George Clooney-meets-Stephen King taste for pranks. "Who did something rotten to you that totally deserves this?" an ad reads on one location's Facebook page.

By day, the 24-hour shops have been getting a lot of requests for office deliveries to co-workers, Clegg said. Come evening, Clegg says many parents have been ordering doughnut-clown deliveries ... straight to their kids' bedrooms.

Hurts Donut has locations in Missouri, Texas, Oklahoma, Iowa, Nebraska, Wisconsin, Kansas and Arkansas and even one in Arizona.