Drought Affecting Training for Albemarle County Fire & Rescue

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Water restrictions imposed because of the drought are forcing changes to how firefighters in central Virginia prepare to battle a blaze.

Albemarle County Fire & Rescue is putting off any nonessential training that involves using water.

Right now, hydrants are only to be opened to put out fires.

The department has received an exemption from the Albemarle County Service Authority to use water for mandated training and certifications.

“It basically just puts a lot more attention on the utilization of water. Whereas maybe in non-drought conditions we're able to be a little bit more egregious with how much water we apply and not pay as much attention. During drought conditions we're obviously a part of the team and make sure we're not wasteful with the resource,” said Albemarle Fire Rescue Division Chief of Training Scott Lambert.

The Charlottesville Fire Department has put water restrictions in place, including limiting the flow of water used for training.

The city has also suspended its fall fire hydrant inspections.