ACSA to Meet to Discuss Emergency Drought Restrictions

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Albemarle County Service Authority Press Release:

The ACSA Board of Directors will be meeting at 9:00 on Monday, October 9, to take up Emergency Drought Restrictions, and consider approving a declaration of water emergency and Mandatory Water Restrictions.

A week ago a Drought Watch was approved that asked for Voluntary Water Conservation. We are continuing to see a decline in the water supply reservoir levels, customer water use has not declined, and the continuing lack of any sustained periods of rainfall require us to move to Mandatory water restrictions.
The Albemarle County Board of Supervisors will be asked to approve a Declaration of Emergency at their Wednesday Board meeting, that would authorize the implementing of Mandatory Water Restrictions. The City of Charlottesville is scheduling to take up a similar Declaration of Water Emergency.
The specific water restrictions are listed in the attached ACSA Emergency Water Restrictions under Drought Warning Stage. The list below are the proposed Mandatory Restrictions:

No washing any car, truck, trailer or any other type of mobile equipment except at a certified commercial vehicle wash facility is allowed.

Unless required by state or local laws or when performed by a licensed commercial power washing company, no street, driveway, parking lot, service station apron, outside of buildings or any other outside surface may be cleaned.

Plants may only be watered using a watering can or by a non-leaking hose with an automatic (hand-held) shut-off nozzle. This means no sprinklers, irrigation systems or any other method, can be used to water outside shrubbery, trees, lawns, vegetable gardens or any other vegetation, hand watering exempted.

The only exception is for commercial green houses, nursery stocks, athletic fields and courts, which may be watered only enough to preserve plant life and only between 9:00 p.m. and 10:00 a.m. 

Swimming and wading pools requiring more than five gallons of water and/or wading or swimming pools drained after the effective date of these regulations may not be replenished or refilled.

There are exceptions in order to prevent structural damage for new pools constructed or contracted for on or before effective date.  Contact the ACSA for details and authorization.

Water will not be served in restaurants, except upon request. 

Fire hydrants will not be used for any other purpose than fire suppression, unless specific authorization is received from the ACSA.

Commercial lodging establishments shall adopt a policy which limits the daily changing of washable linens and towels.

A news release will be provided following the meeting and formal adoption of the declaration of a water emergency in the ACSA Service Area.