Michelle Edwards Campaigns in Waynesboro for Delegate Seat

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House of Delegates candidate Michele Edwards House of Delegates candidate Michele Edwards
At the event in Wyanesboro on Oct. 7 At the event in Wyanesboro on Oct. 7

With one month to go until Election Day, a democratic candidate for the House of Delegates is stepping up her campaign in the Shenandoah Valley.

Michele Edwards hopes to make Virginia safer by pushing for new gun restrictions.

Dozens of people showed up at the grand opening of the democratic headquarters in Waynesboro on Saturday, October 7, to meet Edwards.

She's hoping to unseat Republican Delegate Dickie Bell, who's represented the 20th district since 2010.

Edwards has always been against the proposed Atlantic Coast Pipeline.

On Saturday, she added that, if elected, she will push for new gun restrictions in Virginia.

That follows Governor Terry McAuliffe's announcement on Friday that he plans to seek new gun restrictions in response to the Las Vegas mass shooting.

"I think it's a national emergency, a national security crisis,” says Edwards. “I don't believe that folks are feeling safe when they go out to concerts or any large venues, and I just think we need to look at those aspects of gun regulations that can keep the wrong weapons out of the wrong hands."

Edwards believes her stance on stricter gun control will help win support from voters.

Her opponent gets the endorsement of the National Rifle Association.

Edwards also noted that she has already outpaced Delegate Bell in fundraising.

After opening the new headquarters, Edwards and her team took to the streets to campaign door-to-door.