UVa Commitment Lizzy Shim Leading Covenant Field Hockey Team

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Covenant senior Lizzy Shim Covenant senior Lizzy Shim
The Covenant senior will sign with the UVa field hockey team in the spring The Covenant senior will sign with the UVa field hockey team in the spring

Lizzy Shim has been playing on the Covenant field hockey team since the 8th grade, so the senior has had time to make an impression.

Senior Abby McCartney says, "Lizzy is amazing."

"Very goofy.  Very silly," says head coach Annie Gumb.

Senior Wynston Archer says, "She's really funny."

"She's so sweet, she's so motivated," says McCarthy.

"But also very hard-working," adds Gumb.

Archer says, "She's really supportive."

"And the ideal teammate," says Gumb.

McCartney concludes, "She's probably the best teammate that anyone could imagine."

Shim will be playing for the UVa field hockey team next year, but she's not waiting to get on the blue turf.

"Thankfully the UVa field is a public field," Shim said, with a smile, "so I can go on to that, and practice by myself to work on my tighter skills."

The extra practice time has paid off.

McCartney says, "She has unbelievable stick skills, and she's also so fast, and so explosive.  Her shots are unbelievable." 

"She has amazing stick skills, honestly," says Archer.  "She can dribble past anyone.  She knows when she can show off, and it's amazing, because there's still always something that she's hiding."

Shim is always very open with her knowledge of the game.

"She is constantly teaching her teammates," says Gumb.  "She is constantly teaching everyone that's around her how to truly play the game of field hockey in a beautiful, beautiful way."

Lizzy Shim will officially sign with the Cavaliers in the spring.

Shim says, "I've always known ever since I was four years old that I wanted to go to UVa, because my dad went here, and I grew up in the town.  I knew in my heart I always wanted to go to UVa, but then when coach Madison gave me the opportunity to verbally commit, it was a perfect scenario."  

But before she heads off to play Division I field hockey, Shim is hoping to lead the Eagles to their second-consecutive state title.

"That would be awesome, especially because it's senior year," says Shim.  "It's something that we really want.  We're working hard every day for it, so to have that pay off would be really great."

Lizzy Shim scored both goals for Covenant in the Eagles' first-ever state championship last season.