Crozet Man Provides Aid to Hurricane Victims in Puerto Rico

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A central Virginia man is using his drone company to help those suffering in Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria.

Crozet's Walter Hall owns a drone company that partners with Bon Air Brokerage jets in Lynchburg.

After Hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico, Hall saw on Facebook that one of his friend's sons needed help.

Hall and his partner Kyle Falwell flew to Puerto Rico after the hurricane and have been doing rescue missions ever since.

"When I got chuck's son out, and I saw the devastation, there's no way I could turn around and get back to my normal life,” said Hall. 

Hall has been organizing several trips to Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands via Facebook. Two organizations, Direct Relief and Gleaning for the World, are sponsoring the relief trips, providing funds for fuel and donating supplies. 

A jet flew down with $1 million worth of medical supplies on October 4. 

Hall says that if anyone wants to donate supplies, they can reach out to him at Walter.hall83@gmail.com