Second Round of Surveying Begins at Daughters of Zion Cemetery

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A second round of surveying using ground-penetrating radar is underway at the historic Daughters of Zion Cemetery in Charlottesville.

After finding new headstones on the west border of the cemetery archaeologists decided to pay for another round of radar work to better outline the boundaries. Crews are looking for unmarked gravesites along the border of the property.

Before putting up a fence to mark the historic African-American cemetery, crews want to make sure they know how far the site extends.

“The boundary was established back in the 1870s and you know, we don't know precisely where it was at the time,” said Archaeologist Steve Thompson. “So we are just trying to make sure that we, in putting up a fence, that we put up a fence that contains the graves in the Daughters of Zion Cemetery,”

This round of work, which cost just under $5,000, is being funded by a Charlottesville City Council grant from last year.

The preservers are expecting results from the work in one week.