City Council to Vote on 4th Street Name Change

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4th Street on the Downtown Mall 4th Street on the Downtown Mall
Heather Heyer Heather Heyer
4th Street 4th Street

A street in Downtown Charlottesville may get a new name to honor the woman who was killed when a car plowed into protesters following the Unite the Right rally on August 12.

City Council is expected to make a decision on renaming 4th Street in memory of Heather Heyer at its meeting on Monday, October 2.

Renaming 4th Street is something that has been brought up frequently since the “alt-right” rally when Heather Heyer was killed on that street.

After the car attack, the street was closed and people laid flowers and candles to pay tribute to Heyer.

Those flowers and candles were cleared away and the street was reopened to drivers on September 9.

Community members wanted a more permanent way to remember Heyer, and proposed the street be renamed in her honor.

City Council is expected to vote on that change at its Monday night meeting.

If passed, 4th Street between Market and Water streets will take the name “Heather Heyer Way.”

“A lot of people have been really calling on the city to find an appropriate and meaningful way to memorialize Heather Heyer,” says Charlottesville City Councilor Kristen Szakos. “So we're voting to have an honorary street naming for 4th street.”

Szakos says she believes the name change will pass.

She says City Council consulted with Heyer's family about the potential name change, and they think it's a great way to honor their daughter.

City Council is also expected to vote on two state grants at its upcoming meeting.

One grant is for $10 million to fix up four bridges.

The other is funding for places that take in the homeless.