Bloomberg Calls Real Estate Developer John Dewberry 'Emperor of Empty Lots'

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John Dewberry talking before Charlottesville City Council John Dewberry talking before Charlottesville City Council
John Dewberry John Dewberry

The man behind the unfinished hotel project on Charlottesville’s Downtown Mall is getting some attention following a Bloomberg business article.

The article, entitled 'Atlanta’s Emperor of Empty Lots,’ highlights that along with the Landmark Hotel site, real estate developer John Dewberry has several projects in his home base of Atlanta.

According to the article, Dewberry owns more than 25 acres of land in Georgia, but has not finished most of the projects that are in the works.

Similarly in Charlottesville, the Dewberry Hotel, which is slated undergo construction at the old Landmark Hotel site, has been taking some time getting underway.

The Landmark Hotel on Charlottesville’s Downtown Mall has been uncompleted for the past eight years.

Dewberry submitted plans to the Board of Architectural Review back in June 2017.  The BAR will be hosting several discussions on the $50 million project.  

Charlottesville City Council says they are ready to move the project along.

"I want to see it done. I'll do whatever I can to help it along but this is a case where we have a very strong individual. Atlanta is putting a lot of pressure on him too because the same situation is going on down there," Bob Fenwick, Charlottesville City Council. 

The Dewberry Hotel is scheduled to be completed before 2020.

Plans include a 3,000 square foot spa, a founder's club, and a rooftop bar.