Man Takes on Cross-Country Trek to Raise Diabetes Awareness

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John Cushman John Cushman

A man is making his way from Washington, D.C., to California - and he's doing it all on foot.

He says it's a way to raise awareness for a disease that kills more Americans each year than AIDS and breast cancer combined.

Sixty-one-year old John Cushman is a Type 2 diabetic and his 38-year-old son is a Type 1 diabetic that lost his kidneys to the disease a year ago.

Cushman says he's tired of the ignorance surrounding the disease, so he's working to change that.

Cushman is from Keizer, Oregon, and plans to walk from D.C. to where he grew up in San Diego, California.

Each day the goal is to walk 50 miles, or 100,000 steps.

Along the 3,000-mile trek, Cushman will make stops to educate people about the disease.

He says he hopes that people will learn from his journey.

“Diabetes is the largest killer of Americans right now,” says Cushman. “Eighty-six million Americans have Type 2 diabetes, 35 million have juvenile diabetes so it's the number one killer, bigger than cancer, bigger than AIDS combined so that's what I want Americans to know."

Cushman adds that aside from monetary donations, people can sign up to become organ transplant donors.

It can help people like his son who are affected with kidney disease or loss as a result of diabetes.

Cushman plans to arrive in San Diego November 4.

If you'd like to donate to his campaign through the American Diabetes Association, visit his website.