Fluvanna County Selects Buyers for Two Closed Elementary Schools

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at the Light Academy at the Light Academy

Fluvanna County is finding buyers for two closed elementary schools.

The county received three proposals for each of the former Columbia and Cunningham school buildings that were put up for sale this summer.

Staff and supervisors selected the top projects, but not necessarily based on the highest bids. A family plans to buy the former Columbia School to transform it into affordable apartments.

The Light Academy Christian School plans to move from Lake Monticello to Cunningham to expand its classrooms.

“Some of our parents and some of our students when they were little went there, and some of our parents said, ‘I went to school there,’ so, there's a little nostalgia with that,” Joyce Parr, Light Academy principal, said.

“We were really looking at the big picture from job creation to affordable housing, what are the needs the community has and how can we meet those needs,” Jason Smith, Fluvanna County director of economic development, said.

The Board of Supervisors in Fluvanna will hold a public hearing on the school sales next Wednesday.