Tickets for Charlottesville Benefit Concert Being Sold on Craigslist, Many Upset

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picture on Craiglist requesting concert tickets picture on Craiglist requesting concert tickets

A free concert in Charlottesville, designed to help heal the city following the Unite the Right rally, is riling up a lot of people who did not receive tickets.

What's worse, some ticket winners are trying to turn a profit on Craigslist -- with tickets they received for free. Some people are asking more than $300 a ticket.

"I didn't get any tickets and it was really upsetting because all my friends got it," Naseem Hussein said.

“A Concert for Charlottesville” is getting more buzz now that tickets have been given away.

"It's unfair. Like, people from Richmond or around the city get tickets and while we, Charlottesville people, didn't get any and that's just upsetting and I wonder the people who did the lottery, how did you pick your people?” Hussein said.

The Dave Matthews Band came up with the idea for the show as a way to heal through music following Aug. 12. Instead, many people in Charlottesville are upset and want answers as to why they didn't win the lottery.

"Stadium capacity is 62,000 people right? UVA student is around 22,000 people and yet a lot of people didn't get tickets,” Hussein said.

"I immediately requested my tickets so this is on Wednesday so the first day they announced it online," Christina Ball said.

Christina Ball says she used multiple emails to try and win tickets, but to no avail.

"I actually ordered tickets also through my husband since he's a UVA professor, so I was thinking we had two shots at it, and the virginia.edu email would get him tickets," Ball said.

Ball says people need to remember why the concert was created in the first place: to bring Charlottesville together.

"Just stand back and say 'Hey, why are we bickering over a concert that's supposed to help our community heal?' We should just be happy for people who got tickets," Ball said.

Red Light Management says it will distribute 3,000 tickets at John Paul Jones Arena Friday at the box office. That process begins at 10 a.m., and people can start lining up at 8 a.m.