Albemarle County Supervisors Discuss Legislative Priorities

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On Wednesday, September 13, Albemarle County Supervisors met to get their priorities in line for the General Assembly.

At the meeting, supervisors looked at different presentations to see which issues or laws they want to change.

One legislative priority proposed would add Albemarle to the list of counties that are allowed to regulate on-street parking on public streets.

Another would look at authorizing school divisions to be able to mount cameras onto the school bus stop arms.

"This is in order to be able to record people who are driving around those stop arms in violation of the law when children are loading or unloading buses,” says David Blount, the legislative liaison for local government. “The issue that they were bringing up today really has to do with the implementation of that law.”

Albemarle County Supervisors will come back to discuss their priorities again before the General Assembly session begins in January.

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