Albemarle County School Board Calls Meeting to Discuss Key Issues

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The Albemarle County School Board The Albemarle County School Board

The Albemarle County School Board and state lawmakers came together on Tuesday, September 12, for a special meeting.

The meeting was hosted by the school board to highlight successes and to give lawmakers ideas on how they can help.

It lasted a little over an hour and consisted of members from the school board and state representatives.

This type of meeting is recommended to be held during the fall by the Virginia School Board Association.

Some key issues focused on school funding per student from the state since it’s been down since the 2008 recession.

Other issues focused on school bus camera policy to enforce cars that passed by school buses and the achievement gap.

“We wanted to showcase some of the things we're doing well that we think can be models for not only for the state legislatures to think about, but also as models for the whole state,” said Kate Acuff, chair of the Albemarle County School Board.

“Well it's helpful, so I'm a parent, my daughter attends Baker-Butler so I have the parent’s perspective, but I don't get the big picture except for meetings like this," said Delegate Robert Bell of the 58th district. "And so when they talk about things like closing the achievement gap, or redesigning high school, this is a chance for them to sort of show us how and what we do in Richmond affects them here."

More schools will begin implementing steps toward the High School 2022 Plan.

This new school model will allow students to have more of a choice and meaningful experiences.

The meeting will help lawmakers craft policies for the general assembly next year.