Charlottesville Economic Development Authority Offering Recovery Funds to City

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CEDA meeting in City Hall CEDA meeting in City Hall

The Charlottesville Economic Development Authority is offering up help to the city following the summer's rallies.

CEDA wants to provide city hall up to $100,000 for recovery efforts following the white supremacy and deadly violence. It's unclear if the city even needs this money, but CEDA members said they want to make sure City Hall knows it has their support.

CEDA members met Tuesday afternoon inside City Council Chambers at City Hall. Members unanimously approved a recovery resolution on the agenda.

City Council can now access up to $100,000 in reserve money from a fund CEDA controls. The city would have to take a program proposal to CEDA and get approval.

"Really show not just other businesses who might want to come to the area but the business owners here and their workers and their patrons that everybody in the city, economic development included, is behind that effort to make this place better," Tara Boyd of CEDA said.

Before the vote, CEDA members said the resolution was a great idea. Head of City Economic Development Chris Engle says he's doesn't think City Council will drain all money from the reserve fund.

Engle also pointed out to CEDA members that there are multiple recovery efforts underway for Charlottesville. Some at the local level, others at the state and federal level.

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