Charlottesville Develops Proposals to Create Affordable Housing

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The City of Charlottesville is developing proposals for zoning on the south side of the Downtown Mall to add affordable housing.

The city and a team of consultants from the Form Based Code Institute hosted a discussion with community members and property owners at the IX Art Park on Tuesday, September 12.

That property and the Friendship Court neighborhood are part of the "strategic investment area.”

People who live in Friendship Court raised concerns about the density of development and losing their green space.

Charlottesville City Councilor Kathy Galvin says that's why this week's series of form-based code meetings is important.

“Stopping the form-based code process means that you are stopping getting a big carrot that will incent building the very thing you say you want, which is affordable housing,” said Councilor Galvin. “So, people can call me anything they want under the sun. I'm hearing them loud and clear - they want affordable housing. This is one arrow in the quiver and we've got to start aiming and shooting."

Currently, developers do not have to include affordable housing in that area.

The form-based code meetings continue on Wednesday, September 13, before a final presentation that’ll take place on Thursday evening.