Two Plead Guilty in Killing of Waynesboro Minor

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Damien Katron Ryequrious Cooper Damien Katron Ryequrious Cooper
Raquan Markell Barber Raquan Markell Barber

Two young men went to jail Monday for their part in a Waynesboro killing.

Monday in Waynesboro Circuit Court, 18-year old Damien Cooper and 20-year-old Raquan Barber pleaded guilty to accessory after the fact in manslaughter.

In July 2016, Tasheed McCarthy says he accidently shot his friend, 17-year-old Orion Madden, in the back of the head, killing him.

Cooper and Barber picked up McCarthy near Kate Collins Middle School after the killing.

Barber will spend three months in jail. Cooper, who was a juvenile at the time, gets two months in jail.

McCarthy pleaded guilty last month to manslaughter and was sentenced to five years in prison.

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