Charlottesville High School Receives Grant from CFA Institute

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at Charlottesville High School at Charlottesville High School

Charlottesville High School is receiving a $50,000 grant from the CFA Institute, as part of a new partnership.

The grant will benefit a program called “Advancement via Individual Determination, or AVID. The program is for student leaders that are college bound or may be first-generation college students.

They work on applications, soft skills, resumes and volunteer opportunities.

“So the money will be used to modernize the AVID classroom, that will include making the classroom look more like college classrooms now or workplaces in the corporate world … we'll have flexible furniture and it'll focus on collaborative group work in the classroom and bringing some more technology as well, Eric Irizarry of CHS said.

The grant impacts 60 to 80 students in the avid program, and the student groups that use the room.