Habitat for Humanity in Charlottesville to Send Volunteers to Texas

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destruction from Hurricane Harvey in Texas destruction from Hurricane Harvey in Texas

A Charlottesville nonprofit chapter is gearing up to help hurricane recovery efforts in Texas.

Habitat for Humanity has over a dozen volunteers going to Texas this month. The organization is working with Houston's vice mayor to make sure the proper materials and tools are brought to help community centers and flooded homes.

The president of Charlottesville's Habitat for Humanity, Dan Rosensweig, says he wants Texas leaders to instruct volunteers with what is needed at this moment.

"We do what we're needed so if they need us to muck out houses, we'll muck out houses. If they need to rebuild homes or community centers, we're going to bring our hammers and be ready to go," Rosensweig said.

Habitat for Humanity stresses that no extra hands are needed in Houston because recovery organizations are overwhelmed. If you want to help the organization, it says donate to Habitat for Humanity or a Texas nonprofit.