UVA Christian Ministries Speak Out Against Racism

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UVA Christian ministries met on Sept. 11 UVA Christian ministries met on Sept. 11

Christian ministries at the University of Virginia are speaking out against racism.

Their response comes after the events that happened during the Unite the Right rally in August.

About 20 groups got together at UVA on Monday, September 11.

They adopted a resolution and drafted a statement that denounces racism, calling it a sin.

"There's always been ethnic problems as long as there's been a human race,” said Bill Bray of the Overseas Student Mission. “There's 12,000 ethnolinguistic groups in the world and naturally they fight with each other, they struggle, but Christ came with a message for them, we have a message."

The ministries' meeting today was the first since the start of the semester.

The groups are also working with more than two dozen churches and congregations in the Charlottesville area to help spread their message.