Central Virginia Red Cross to Send Staff to Georgia Following Hurricane Irma

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The Charlottesville Red Cross is beginning to dispatch volunteers and staff down to Georgia to help with Hurricane Irma relief efforts.

More than 100 Virginians, including 12 from Charlottesville, went to Houston, Texas to help victims of Hurricane Harvey.

The Red Cross originally refrained from sending a mass of people to Florida, because impacts on Virginia were still unknown. 
They have confirmed that they will send personnel to Atlanta, Georgia with first-aid kits and financial donations.

"They are certainly two mammoth events back to back. Probably unlike anything we've ever experienced in the history of our organization. However, since Katrina, we really have put in a lot of lessons learned in place. We had a lot of resources on the ground in Texas as well as Florida before the storm hit, and now we will continue to deploy more resources to make sure we can meet whatever the needs are,” said Bill Brent, Executive Director of Charlottesville Red Cross. 

Donations are being collected for the relief efforts following Irma and Harvey and the Red Cross is accepting new volunteers.