UVA Student From Florida Discusses Hurricane Irma

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Dax Leiter, Fort Lauderdale Dax Leiter, Fort Lauderdale

As Hurricane Irma threatens Florida, University of Virginia students from the sunshine state are safe here but far from their families during a time of disaster back home.
NBC29 spoke with 4th year student Dax Leiter about what it's like to be far away from his family right now, when they need him the most.

Leiter's mom, dad, and sister are in Fort Lauderdale, Florida and he's not sure how the storm is going to impact his family.

They have decided not to evacuate because it is too late. 

Leiter explains that there aren't any flights out of the state and gasoline for cars is extremely limited right now.

His family decided to prepare for the tropical storm by boarding up their house, filling up bathtubs with water, and stocking up on food and batteries to ride out the storm.

"I'm sitting here and fortunately I'm not in any danger of anything so it just kind of makes everything even worse. Where my family is in complete danger and I'm sitting up here just completely fine and unable to do anything except call them,” said Dax Leiter, Fort Lauderdale. 

Leiter says he will keep calling his family to check in, and he's praying for the best.

Leiter explains that his family has been through several tropical storms before.
In 2005, they went without power for 14 straight days following hurricane Wilma.
Leiter says, when it comes to hurricane preparation, his family knows what they're doing.