Community Members in The Valley Discuss Race Relations

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People from the Valley community are coming together to foster a conversation on race relations.     

There were people from Staunton, Augusta County, and Waynesboro all looking to unite and create action plans for the community.

“This is a spinoff from our first meeting that we had, and it was the open forum the first meeting, and so from that they wanted to do a small group,” said Chanda Mcguffin, community organizer.

The group says it is on a mission to combat racial problems in the community.

People were split into four focus groups to help foster a healthy conversation and create action plans for those areas of concern.

Members explained that more action should be take besides commenting on Facebook and being angry. 

A council member from the City of Waynesboro says this type of meeting gives her information on what the city needs to do.

“I am definitely looking forward to continuing to participant in this conversation, hopefully, hopefully next time we can see some more representatives from our city,” said Elzena Anderson, City of Waynesboro councilwoman. 

The group’s organizer says the dialogue is not about one race, or one culture.