Unite Charlottesville Blood Drive Held at Holiday Inn

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A blood drive was held September 9 in Charlottesville to honor the victims who lost their lives on August 12.

Virginia Blood Services hosted the "Unite Charlottesville" blood drive at the Holiday Inn on Emmet Street.

The goal was to bring people together by donating blood and to honor Heather Heyer and the two state troopers who died following the Unite the Right rally.
Organizers of the blood drive were also encouraging people to donate to the Heather Heyer Foundation.

"Since August 12 a lot of people have expressed a desire to give in someway, and donating blood is one way you can give and also commemorate those three great individuals who actually lost their lives on August 12,” said Terry Atwater, account manager for Virginia Blood Services.

Virginia Blood Services says one pint of blood can save up to three lives.